What We do

What we do here

Taking care of their health and promoting their situation and skills are provided through the efforts and participation of expert teams such as social workers psychologists, dentists, psychotherapists specialists in work-therapy and speech-therapy, nurses, sport coaches, vocational teachers, musicians and handcrafts men.

In this way and on the basis of their personal abilities, these aid seeking young individuals would benefit from different social, cultural. Medical and custodian services Scientific researches show that taking care of a mentally retarded individual, especially an isolated one in a family affects the every day life of the family and create discontent among the members of the family or disturb their affairs and multiply their problems.

Therefore, separating the isolated retarded individual from the family, is useful not only for the health and confort of the family, but also for the mentally retarded individual because of being placed in a better position and benefiting form necessary services.

Thirty percent of the expenses of the center is met by government assistance and the remaining 70 percent and also hundred percent of the expenses related to construction, equipments and expanding the space and capacity of the center are provided by beneficent and benevolent Iranian.

The attempts of the center is directed towards attracting more assistance from God loving people especially patriotic Iranians who are living outside Iran and also getting more help from the kind-hearted Iranians at home, so that it is able to expand the capacity of the center to 1500 individuals and accepting more mentally refarded person who are in line to benefit from the services of the center, and at the same time be able to promote the quality as well as the quantity of services to dear retarded individuals.