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Razi Network for Disabled Children

Razi Network is a non-profit organization in Canada based in Vancouver aiming towards educating people on optical issues facing disabled children around the world.



Nemooneh center for custody and rehabilitation of mentally retarded individuals, is one of the centers run by the management of Ghaem Charity Foundation.

The center is located in an area of 170,000m2 with a building of about 22000 m2. It is lodging 1000 mentally retarded young individuals (trainable, educable and isolated one) with the age groups of between 14 to 35 years old. These disabled young individuals have been divided in 11 groups on the basis of gender and their degree of intelligence and being looked after in 11different sections of the center. By creating a pleasant atmosphere called "HOME" necessary individuate training, personal ability and the to live in a group are taught to them.